Tokamak is an experimental toroidal thermonuclear reactor. It is the first industrial prototype fusion reactor to use superconducting magnets to control the plasma, to test various components of the reactor and to launch fusion reactions.

Tokamak T-15MD

Experimental thermonuclear installation Tokamak T-15MD

Experimental thermonuclear installation Tokamak T-15MD

Experimental thermonuclear installation Tokamak T-15MD

Tokamak – is an experimental facility for research of processes thermonuclear fusion..


  • Inside height of vacuum chamber 3.39 m;
  • Wall width of vacuum chamber 5 … 8 mm;
  • Vacuum chamber volume 47m3;
  • Ultimate pressure 10-5Па;
  • Protective material on the wall – graphite FP479;
  • Material of vacuum chamber – stainless steel AISI 321.

Magnet system is designed for holding a hot plasma in divertor configuration. Magnetic coils produced from square-shape silverized copper tube. Cooling water circulate inside the coils. The copper wires are wrapped by isolation material and baked in vacuum furnace.

Pilot coils has the following dimensions:

  • inside diameter from 5050 mm to 6322 mm;
  • outside diameter from 5170 mm to 6640 mm;
  • height from 210 mm to 277 mm;
  • weight from 4050 kg to 6950 kg.

Toroidal-shaped coils (16 pcs) are mounted round about vacuum chamber of Tokamak. They generate radial magnet field. Coil height 4764 mm, width 285 mm, mass 7500 kg.

Plasma parameters:

  • big radius 1.48 m,
  • small radius 0.67 m,
  • current 2 MA,
  • , toroidal-shaped magnetic field 2 Tl.

Tokamak equipped by additional system for plasma heating with output power 15-20 MW. The reachable temperature about 5-9 keV for electron concentration ~1020 m-1. Discharge time is up to 30 s. Vacuum chamber of Tokamak is intended to generation of plasma with thermonuclear parameters. All measurement equipment are installed inside vacuum chamber.


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