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Special metal hoses

Special metal hoses
Two-sleeve metal hose (sleeve-in-sleeve design)


The two-sleeve metal hose is a prefabricated structure of two metal hoses of certain diameters located one in the other (“sleeve-in-sleeve design”). This metal hose is designed to prevent cooling (rarely heating) of the pumped medium.

The transported medium moves along the internal metal hose, and the medium in the external metal hose works as a heat-insulating layer that preserves the operating temperature regime. Such metal hoses are used in the unloading-loading and transportation of hot liquid bitumen and other products where a certain temperature regime is required.

Heat insulated hose (thermo-protective)

Термо Термо

Metal hoses can be equipped with a thermal protective coating designed to protect the metal hose from external influences:

  • open flame;
  • molten metal spray;
  • extremely high temperatures.

The temperature range for using of thermoprotective materials is from -80 ° C to + 1650 ° C. The most popular version of thermal insulation is in the form of a single “stocking” of fiberglass with a protective coating that is worn and fixed on the sleeve over the metal outer braid, thereby being its outer layer. To protect large diameters, thermal insulation is used in the form of external covers with velcro or tape.

Multilayer thermal insulation of the screen-vacuum type Hoses and Transfer Hoses for Cryogenic Liquid Gas Withdraw


Flexible cryogenic pipelines are a prefabricated multi-shell design consisting of several corrugated stainless steel metal hoses (one inside the other), in the annulus of which Multilayer thermal insulation of the screen-vacuum type is used to maintain the temperature of the medium. Combination of using special heat-insulating materials in several layers placed in a vacuum, for which purpose a vacuum port for pumping is provided in the pipelines.

The system works on the principle of “thermos” - a cryogenic product is pumped along the inner sleeve, and air is pumped out from the cavity of the outer sleeve to provide a vacuum, and special heat-insulating materials (the thinnest aluminum foil + glass paper) are also placed.

Металлорукава с ЭВТИ

This allows not to mix pumping cryogenic products with each other and at the same time maintain their low temperatures. At the same time, system performance is increased - product losses are minimized due to almost complete reduction in heat gain. In addition, flexible metal hoses as cryogenic pipelines have a number of additional advantages - they are easier and faster to install, more economical in design and operation, they can be moved and, if necessary, dismantled and reused (for example, when changing the configuration or upgrading the system).

Technical data:

- DN of inner sleeves / - Du of outer sleeves *, mm

From 6 to 100 /

From 12 to 150

- medium temperature

Up to -270°С

- pressure

- not higher than 1 * 10-5 mm Hg.

up to 280 bar (pressure in the product transfer system)

-end fittings

on the request of the customer: threaded or flange connections, bayonet connections, for welding, etc.

*the inner hose pipe is selected according to the required product flow rate, the outer one - taking into account the need to place a vacuum cavity with the required parameters and multilayer thermal insulation.

We offer fully finished cryogenic pipelines - the hoses are assembled into a single product with the insulation and end fittings required by the customer, evacuated, completely tight - all hoses pass helium mass spectrometer leak testing.

Bypass lines


Bypass lines are designed for temporary pumping of oil production products - sour crude oil with admixtures of associated gas for the period of repair or reconstruction of the main lines and equipment for oil production in a wide range of operating temperatures from -60 ° C to + 100 ° C. Traditionally, the problem of uninterrupted oil production at cluster wells in the event of an accident or repair is often solved by the artisanal method, from improvised materials, by inserting into a rigid pipe line, which requires using of fire-hazardous welding operations. We propose using of flexible piping based on stainless steel hoses, eliminating flammable operations at the facility, while reducing installation time and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Bypass lines

- flexible pipelines (corrugated metal hoses from

stainless steel TУ 3113-004-65807096-2014)

-Fittings and quick-lock coupling.

- rigid pipelines (stainless steel pipes)

- Spare parts, accessories, sets

*bypass lines are delivered complete in a specialized container and are ready for installation and commissioning at oil production facilities. After use, the same quick dismantling and transportation of lines to a warehouse takes place for maintenance and storage until their next use.

bypass lines

Main technical data of bypass lines:

- the volume of the pumped liquid

100 - 1500 m3 / day

- working inlet pressure

0.7-4 MPa (7 - 40 kgf / cm2)

- the number of simultaneously connected wells (sources)

8 - 14

- total length of lines

65 - 450 meters**

- duration of continuous work

Up to 30 days

- guaranteed line service life

250 refueling cycles *** (within 5 years of operation)

- the composition of the pumped medium

oil, gas, water, etc.

** total length, overall and mounting dimensions, materials that take into account the corrosive activity of the working and the environment, completeness are negotiated separately with the customer, if they do not impair the line’s performance and do not contradict the safety standards of the Russian Federation. *** Refueling cycle means each individual filling of the bypass line with pumped liquid.

OOO NPO GKMP LLC is a developer and successful supplier of bypass lines for oil production wells, has all the necessary permits for their using in the oil and gas industry.