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Basic parameters

  • DN * from 6 to 16 mm (Pmax from 1.1 to 44.0 MPa);
  • DN from 20 to 50 mm (Pmax from 0.4 to 16.0 MPa);
  • DN from 65 to 250 mm (Pmax from 0.03 to 6.0 MPa);
  • DN 300 mm (Pmax 0.03 to 1.3 MPa);
  • length from 0.3 to 6 m *;
  • operating temperature from -270 ° С to + 600 ° С
  1. * DN - "abbreviation: the internal diameter of a pipe"
  2. * note about some characteristic, say about temperature or maximum length

Bellows types

The bellows is a flexible metal line element inside of the metal hose, which is responsible for flexibility and is certainly checked for leaks during the production process.

Designation on the sleeve
МРГ 1.01...
It is used for the majority of operating systems of units.
A standard type bellows is used in most cases. It has characteristics for bending radius and strength, suitable for all common using cases of metal bellows.
Designation on the sleeve
МРГ 2.01...
The bellows is used in less critical sectors, with or without low pressure
In conditions where the sleeve is used in less critical sectors (for example, a system with a low working pressure or when the sleeve is used as a protective or shielding sleeve, for example, electrical wiring - without pressure in the system), a lightweight bellows can be used.
Designation on the sleeve
МРГ 3.01...
in crease the flexibility of the standard sleeve if necessary
In cases where the bending radius is not enough, a bellows is used with increased flexibility achieved by changing the bellows pitch or by compressing it. Strength characteristics are somewhat reduced.
Designation on the sleeve
МРГ 4.01...
in particularly critical areas with high operating pressure requirements in systems
When selecting a sleeve, the operating pressure parameter of the system must be taken into account, if the standard bellows are insufficient for this indicator, you can use a double (or even triple) outer braid, or use an increased strength (reinforced) bellows.

Protective Braidoptions

Braid is the outer part of a high-pressure metal hose, which consists of strands of stainless steel wire, depending on the diameter, from 0.3 mm thick.

Stainless steel wire braid is made on special modern braiding machines. The braid performs not only a protective role, protecting the internal flexible bellows of the sleeve from mechanical stress and harmful environmental factors.

The braid of a high-pressure metal hose is an important component that directly affects the technical characteristics of the finished product, primarily the ability to withstand the necessary parameters of the working pressure: with insufficient strength characteristics of a metal hose equipped with a single braid (one layer of wire strands), is applied a second or even third layer.

0 - without braid
1 - single
2 - couple
3 - triple

Подбор металлорукава по концевой арматуре

Options of end fittings attachment of metal hoses


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