• The largest Russian manufacturer of industrial and vacuum test and thermal hardware.
  • A leader in scientific research and development in the area of natural and technical science.
  • Domestic manufacturer of high-tech hardware for thermal nuclear fusion, cryogenic complexes and thermal vacuum test facilities.
We are the best in our expertise and always move on!

NPO “GKMP” LLC is the captain of scientific, experimental and production industries in Russia. Our experimental set-ups are unmatched and serially produced hardware meets the highest international standards.

Our company’s frontline products are successfully used for more than 10 years by the top advanced manufacturers of our country. By making big ideas come true our experts are capable to implement the most challenging research and development projects.

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Constant cooperation with various companies engaged in electronic, nuclear and aerospace industry ensures our company’s sustainable growth and mastery over new products and hardware.

Well-developed production standards, as well as client targeted policy put our company among leaders at the domestic market. Equipment produced by our company successfully operates at the most challenging sites of nuclear and electronic industry.

Nikolay Iniutin
Dmitry Alfimov
Andrey Inyutin
Dmitry Sidorenko
Andrey Borisov
Yuri Demidov
Olesya Solovyova
Svetlana Christosenko

Dear partners,

The “NPO “GKMP” LLC is a corporate group with the mission to promote machine engineering, electronic, nuclear and aerospace industry at national and world level alike. For more than 10 years the innovative solutions of our company are successfully used by leading factories of our country.

Professional designer-engineers, highly qualified experts, in-the-house production and design capacities, as well as all required licenses ensure the complete production cycle of high-quality products for general industrial, nuclear, aerospace and customized application.

Each item produced goes a long way – from marketing research and design discussions to the final test and production. The application of state-of-the-art materials enable us to provide the best lifetime. This is the result of hard work of the well-aligned team of professionals, hundreds of work hours, tons of materials, numerous meetings and thorough analysis.

Our team is highly motivated in its aspiration towards perfection: we develop new product lines, implement new projects, adopt the best practices and technologies. We undergo changes, so does the world. Nevertheless, we do our best in order to keep the highest quality standard and pursue our company’s mission.

By acknowledging the importance of our work, we feel every bit of our responsibility in the face of those who choose our holding for machinery and tools. And this choice is completely true.

We appreciate the stable and mutually beneficial business cooperation!

Best wishes,
Graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2007, specialized in “Management”, 14 years of work experience. 
Graduated in 1998 from the Bryansk “Order of Honor” Institute for Transport Machine Building, started his carreer as an engineer and headed several factories in Bryansk.

In 2016 as a Deputy director of the “NPO “GKMP” LLC supervised development and production of the road building machinery, including tracked and wheeled pavers.

Renowned master of sports at the international level in powerlifting, record-breaker in Russia, Europe and world in several categories.

Born on November 10, 1978 in the village of Velikaya Topal, Klintsovsky district, Bryansk region.

In 1995, he graduated from the Agricultural Academy, successfully graduated from it in 2000 with the qualification of a mechanical engineer.

In 2000-2003, he studied at the graduate school of VNIITUVID "Remdetal" RASKHN and worked at the Department of operation of the machine and tractor fleet.

Since 2003, he has worked as a chief engineer, deputy General Director, and general director at a number of industrial enterprises in the city of Bryansk.

Since 2015, he has been working in the Limited Liability Company NPO Group of Mechanical Engineering and Instrument Engineering Companies.

D.M. Sidorenko started his career at NPO GKMP LLC as a chief engineer, in 2018 he was transferred to the technical director of the enterprise.

With the direct participation of Sidorenko D.M. and his management of NPO GKMP LLC, a number of projects have been successfully implemented, including: A thermal vacuum chamber, a vacuum system, a thermal regime system (JSC "Corporation "Comet"), APVD furnaces, a thermal diffusion welding installation, a two-pack hydrogen furnace (JSC "NPP "Istok" IM. Shokina"), A complex of equipment for carbothermic synthesis of nitride fuel (LLC NPF Sosny), an experimental installation for the production and research of controlled thermonuclear fusion Tokamak

T-15MD (SIC "Kurchatov Institute"), Thermal vacuum chambers (JSC "GC" and JSC "Information Satellite Systems" named after Academician M.F. Reshetnev), equipment for thermal treatment of nuclear materials (JSC "SHK").

Born on April 08, 1967 in Bryansk.

From 1984 to 1991, he studied at the Bryansk Institute of Transport Engineering with a degree in mechanical engineering technology, metal-cutting machines and tools.

Since 1991, Gola has worked as a design engineer, leading design engineer, deputy chief designer at leading machine-building enterprises in Bryansk. In 2013, he was the winner of the All-Russian competition "Engineer of the Year - 2012" with the title "professional engineer of Russia".

Since 2015, he has been working at NPO GKMP LLC. With the direct participation of Borisov A.E. and his management of NPO GKMP LLC, a number of projects have been successfully implemented, including: "A complex of equipment for a warehouse of finished products" for JSC "SHK"; Module N 1 "Departments of ilmenite autopsy and production of technical titanium dioxide" for LLC "Siberian Titanium", Technical projects and mock-ups of samples of equipment for heat treatment and product control of the robotic complex for the preparation of press powder for JSC "Diakont", as well as a number of thermal furnaces for the electronic industry.
Graduated from the Bryansk Institute named after the “Order of Honor” for Transport Machinery in 1991, specialized in “Technologies for Machinery, Metal cutting machines and Tools”, 37 years of work experience in the industry. 

Has two higher degrees in the field of Corporate Management (at Academy of National Economy under the Government of the RF), Russian and English philology, as well as acquired MBA degree in Financial Management (at MBA Higher School under Russian Academy of Sciences n.a. G.V. Plekhanov).

Work experience in heavy engineering - 25 years in the field of Project Management, Sales and Business Development:

In 1998 began her career at the leading machinery enterprise in Balashikha, Moscow region. During 8 years she worked as a Interpreter, Marketing Manager, Logistics Manager and Project Manager.

In 2006-2014 she worked in an engineering company (EPC contractor in oil and gas) as a Leading Sales Manager, Head of Development Department. Hold public presentations at international conferences, created publications for relevant industry magazines in English and Russian language: Gasworld (UK), The Petroleum Cconomist (UK), Syngas refiner (USA).

Since 2015 she is the Head for the PPTF (Port Plug Test Facility) R&D Team for ITER Project.

In 2020 she joined NPO GKMP LLC as Director of the ITER Project Office. Responsible for the high-quality implementation of the ITER project at the Russian enterprise in accordance with European requirements, including nuclear safety, as well as for expanding the enterprise’s activities in other ITER subsystems that are part of the obligations of the Russian Federation.

In 1990 graduated from the Leningrad State University, the faculty of the Oriental studies, department of Asian and African countries, specialized in the Chinese history.

1987-1988 – language traineeship in the 2nd Beijing Foreign Studies University Oriental studies specialist, translator, Project manager with 22-year work experience with the Chinese markets of industrial products.

From 2002 to 2009 supervised commissioning of productions sites for printed circuit boards, from conception of a business plan to full operation in the following companies: “Radioimport” LLCM Telebalt LTD, Baltmixt LTD. Cooperated with such customers as Samsung, Philips, Daewoo on quality issues.

Was in charge of purchase and delivery of components and hardware.

Since 2010 headed and owned a consulting company in China (Market analysis, customer selection, management and supply of a wide range of equipment and goods from China).

Since 2014 is in charge of foreign economic activity in the “NPO “GKMP” LLC, responsible for purchase, logistics and promotion of the company’s products in the People’s Republic of China, India and South Eastern Asia.

The company "NPO "GKMP" LLC develops its activities, gaining the trust of new customers and maintaining strong partnerships with regular customers.

Design and manufacture of equipment for space simulation spaces (thermal vacuum installations) and solar radiation simulators.

Development of production fcilities, mastery of vacuum and shutoff devices.

Thermal vacuum facility developed, manufactured and commissioned at Rocket Space Corporation “Energia”.

Equipment for the FSUE “VIAM”.

Development of the design documentation for sintering furnaces for JSC “SHK”.

Electric vacuum furnace for the Physical and Technical Institute named after .

A. Ioffe is developed, delivered and commissioned.

Thermal vacuum chamber ТБК-100 for the JSC ISS Reshetnev is developed, delivered and commissioned.

Experience and competences of “NPO “GKMP” LLC are recognized by international partners in course of cooperation aimed at creation of the International thermal nuclear reactor (ITER project).

The Company’s anniversary year.

Development and manufacture of the thermal vacuum facility TBK-110.

Experts of the “NPO “GKMP” LLC managed to develop a horizontal thermal vacuum chamber TBK-110 for a Russian company – a leading manufacturer of spacecrafts for communication, data transmission, navigation and geodesy. The aim of this project is to equip an infrastructure facility with the hardware for thermal vacuum testing inside a recompression chamber. This program has for the goal the reconstruction and technical upgrade of research and production facilities for on-ground qualification of GLONASS space components in order to enhance its reliability and quality.

Development and production of vacuum chambers ordered by ROSCOSMOS.

High vacuum chamber rectangular chamber for fundamental research.

Experts of the “NPO “GKMP” LLC created a unique high-vacuum chamber with performances higher than any of the kind. The chamber is used to simulate processes impossible to replicate in nominal chambers due to the insufficiently high vacuum. The installation of such a system will enable to create new aviation engines and perform deeper research of chemical and physical processes.

The results of this research are crucial for fundamental and applied science. On the one hand, this will contribute to the understanding of the planet formation process, heavenly bodies and origin of the Universe, and on the other hand the engineers will be capable to create new and more sophisticated aviation engines that may use fuel more efficiently that would result in energy and cost saving.

Development and manufacture of hardware designed for nuclear fusion.

The total number of employees exceeds 500.

The technological complex for thermal vacuum tests in imitated space environment.

The said complex is designed to create multi-purpose data processing system. This complex shall be used for optical and physical measurements of performances while on-ground qualification of on-board equipment, as well for other optical and electronic system exposed to space environment.

A facility for carbothermal fusion of uranium and plutonium nitride is installed.

At the production site of the NPO “GKMP” LLC the preliminary testing of the system designed for carbothermal fusion of nitrides (CFN) is installed. There are few unique properties of this state-of-the-art system: fully automated technological process, several technical limitations and lockups that enable the quality of the MNUP fuel produced with no radiation and nuclear emergencies, as well as ensuring maintainability of the hardware when exposed to higher radiation fields in course of processing.

The “Irmash” LLC is merged with NPO “GKMP” LLC. In May 2016 “Irmash” LLC, a leading Russian manufacturer of road building and excavating machines is merged with the NPO “GKMP” LLC.

Joined efforts of design and technological staff reinforced the upgrade of machines produced and significantly improved production capacities.

Nowadays “Irmash” is the only Russian company specialized in production of tracked and wheeled pavers. This large manufacturer of up-to-date road construction and utility machines renowned as reliable, quality, competitive and easy-to-operate not only among companies of the Russian Federation but also among those of CIS and near abroad.

The mastery of technique to produce large scale chambers (2000 – 6000 mm) for vacuum systems.

In the beginning of 2015, a subsidiary company was established in Moscow.

Mastering of winding technique to produce the highly conductive coils for electromagnetic systems for Tokamak T-15МД.

In late April 2013 the NPO “GKMP” LLC was awarded a contract to manufacture a vacuum toroidal chamber – Tokamak. The latter is used by scientists to keep the high temperature plasma inside magnetic field and becomes the main element of the thermal nuclear fusion facility in the Moscow’s Kurchatov institute.

In Bryansk a nuclear for tokamak is manufactured: few layers of plates with a stream of plasma flowing just between those.

The NPO “GKMP” LLC continues to move along with the developments made by academic Saharov. The scientists engaged in industry are trying to get a controlled nuclear reaction. The main fuel used is highly available hydrogen – a revolutionary alternative to any other type of fuel.

The sets of copper plates are being prepared to be integrated in one huge set-up. A test facility is to be launched shortly and delivered to the Customer by the end of 2017, as soon as the former structure is completed in Moscow.

Selection of development trends; production of the first high-tech products.
Foundation of the Company.
Company resources
Technical capacities

The company’s machinery pool includes:

  • Rollers, abrasive jet cutters, lathe, milling and drilling machines, boring machines, hydraulic pressing machines, cranes, overhead cranes, bending and rotary machines, semi-automatic welding machines, manual argon arc welding machines, thermal cutting machines for plasma or gas metal sheet cutting, braiding equipment etc.

In-the-house production and design center:

  • Mechanical site
  • Welding & assembly site
  • Heat treatment site
  • Warehouse for materials, assembly parts and off-the-shelf products
  • Free areas
  • Vacuum laboratory
  • Non-destructive control laboratory
  • X-ray laboratory
  • 1700m2 clean room, 8th class of cleanliness
Human assets

The company managed to gather the best specialists in their fields of expertise. Many years of experience accumulated by few generations of engineers and technicians along with workmanship of employees and proper management enabled to create a world class production company.

The contracts successfully completed for the last few years contribute to the ability of the company’s team to tackle any challenges.

The staff working at production sites and laboratories is properly trained and certified by NAKS ROSATOM and ISO.

Quality assurance

Quality management system of the NPO “GKMP” LLC is certified in accordance with requirements of the standard GOST ISO 9001-2015 and confirmed by the respective conformity certificates. The NPO “GKMP” LLC successfully completes audit checks on yearly basis. Moreover, the company is subject to internal audits of the quality management systems regularly.

  • Upgraded pull test machine P-50
  • Ultrasonic failure detector USD 50
  • X-ray machine РПД-200
  • X-ray machine ARSENAL 160 HC
  • Computer radiography complex FOSFOMATIK-40
  • Optical emission spectrometer for chemical analysis ДФС-500
  • Absolute laser tracker AT960-MR