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About company

"GKMP" Research & Production Company” LLC" ( NPO"GKMP" LLC) is a domestic manufacturer of specialized industrial equipment, high-temperature electric chambers with resistive heating of various designs and purposes, vacuum furnaces, technological lines for thermal treatment, rapid cooling, annealing, tempering of complex and large-sized products, vacuum deposition systems, thermal diffusion,thermal vapor compression systems, single crystal growth systems, test benches, thermal vacuum chamber and other high-tech and innovative equipment.
The product quality management system of NPO GKMP LLC is certified in accordance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO9001: 2015). It is confirmed by certificates. LLC NPO GKMP annually successfully passes external inspections and audit. The organization also regularly conducts internal audits of the quality management system.
The company brought together the best specialists in its field of knowledge. The many years of experience of several generations of engineering and technical workers, together with the skill of the team-spirited workforce and the smart management of the company’s administration, have allowed the creation of a world-class manufacturing enterprise. For the past 10 years our company has been active not only in the Russian market but in the international one as well. The experience gained through the successfully completed contracts allows us to say with confidence that the employees of the enterprise are able to solve any tasks assigned to them.
Constant close cooperation with a number of enterprises of the electronic, nuclear and aerospace industries of our country allows the company to grow up and develop new types of products and equipment. The combination of a high production culture, deep automation of classic types of equipment, as well as a customer-oriented policy allowed the company to become a leader in the home market in its segment. Equipment and tools manufactured within the walls of the company operates in the most critical areas of the nuclear and electronic industries. Currently, the company is the only domestic production company with a full-cycle of its own production in the segment of vacuum deposition systems, thermal diffusion and thermal vapor compression systems, and vacuum chambers are officially recognized as the best among domestic ones. Over the years, the company has received many awards, both local and federal. We are the best in our business and we do not stop there!

Year of company's foundation.

GKMP " Research & Production Company” LLC" (NPO"GKMP" LLC) was founded in July 12, 2010 in the city of Partisan Glory – Bryansk.

Serial production of thermal equipment.

At the beginning of 2011, serial production of thermal equipment was launched, which today is one of the main types of products of the company.

Searching for directions of development and production of promising samples of high technology products.

Scientific and technical activities.

The company begins active work with leading research centers and institutes of the country.

Mastering technologies for winding superconducting coils of electromagnetic systems for Tokamak T-15MD.

An experimental thermonuclear installation for the production and research of controlled thermonuclear fusion (Tokamak T-15MD).

At the end of 2013, NPO "GKMP" received an order for the manufacture of a vacuum toroidal chamber - Tokamak T-15MD. The T-15MD magnet together with the vacuum vessel was pre-assembled at the NPO GKMP. This device will be used by scientists to hold high-temperature plasma in a magnetic field and will become the main part of the updated fusion facility at the Kurchatov Institute in Moscow. The tokamak core is being manufactured in Bryansk. These are the layers of plates between which the plasma layer will be launched. LLC NPO GKMP continues the theme of Academician Sakharov. Scientists are trying to get a controlled thermonuclear reaction. The main fuel will be cheap hydrogen - a revolutionary alternative to all known types of fuel. Blocks with layers of copper plates are now being prepared for assembly into one huge device. A test assembly of the tokamak will take place in the coming months, and it will be sent to the customer by the end of 2017, when the reconstruction of the old installation will be completed in Moscow.

Mastering technologies for the production of large-sized chambers (2000 - 6000 mm) for vacuum systems.

Main Office in Moscow.

In early 2015, the company has opened the representative office in Moscow. Start working with the State Corporation for space activities "Roscosmos".

JSC "Irmash" is part of the LLC NPO "GKMP".

In May 2016, Irmash, a leading domestic factory with a long history and a Russian manufacturer of road-building and excavation equipment, is part of NPO GKMP LLC. Having concentrated the joint efforts of design and technological services, modernization of the equipment was carried out and production capacities were significantly increased. СurrentlyIrmash is the only Russian enterprise for the production of tracked and wheeled asphalt pavers. A major manufacturer of the modern market of road and municipal vehicles, which has established itself as a reliable, high-quality, competitive and easy to use among road-building and municipal enterprises not only in the Russian Federation, but also in the CIS countries and the Near Abroad.

Development and manufacture of equipment for the nuclear fuel cycle.

The total number of employees of GKMP is more than 500 people.

Technological complex system for thermal vacuum testing in conditions of space simulation.

Production of the technological complex in the field of creating large space information-control systems for various purposes. This complex will be used for optical-physical measurements of equipment parameters during the creation and ground experimental testing of on-board equipment, as well as other optoelectronic systems and complexes in conditions of space simulation.

Carbothermic Synthesis of Uranium–Plutonium Nitride.

At the manufacturing area of NPO GKMP LLC were successfully carried out preliminary tests of the complex by carbothermal synthesis of nitrides. The unique features of the manufactured complex, which has no analogues in the world, include: full automation of the technological process, a set of technical interlocks and restrictions that ensure the quality of the produced fuel supply system when radiation and nuclear accidents are impossible, maintainability of equipment in conditions of increased radiation fields during overtime work.

Manufacturing and development of test vacuum stands according to the ROSCOSMOS technical assignment.

Rectangular ultrahigh-vacuum chamber for basic research.

Experts of the NPO GKMP company created a unique ultrahigh-vacuum chamber, the physical parameters of which surpass all similar devices. The chamber will be used to recreate processes whose simulation in conventional vacuum chambers was not possible due to the low degree of evacuation. This installation will allow the creation of new aircraft engines and a more detailed study of physical and chemical processes. The results of these studies are important for both basic science and applied research. On the one hand, they help to understand the processes of the formation of planets, cosmic bodies and the origin of life in the Universe. On the other hand, they will allow engineers to create new, close to perfect aircraft engines that can use fuel more efficiently, which means they will be much more economical and environmentally friendly than existing ones.

Manufacturing of the thermal vacuum installation TBK-110.

Specialists of the company developed a horizontal orientation thermal vacuum installation TBK-110 for the Russian leading company in the field of development spacecraft for communications, television broadcasting, relaying, navigation, and geodesy. The aim of this project was fitting out the capital construction facility with equipment for thermal vacuum testing in a thermal pressure chamber. This program is aimed to the reconstruction and technical re-equipment of the experimental-bench base for ground-based optimization of the GLONASS spacecraft elements to increase their reliability and quality.

The experience and competencies of NPO "GKMP" company were recognized by foreign partners in terms of starting joint activities to create an International Experimental Thermonuclear Reactor (ITER project).

10 year Company anniversary.

Development of the production base, development of vacuum shut-off valves

The following significant projects were completed in 2021:

  • A thermal vacuum unit was developed, manufactured and put into operation at PJSC RSC Energia.
  • Equipment for FGUP "VIAM".
  • Development of design documentation for a sintering furnace for JSC “Siberian chemical plant”.
  • Manufacturing of a warehouse complex for finished products for JSC “Siberian chemical plant”.
  • An electric vacuum furnace was developed, manufactured and supplied for the Ioffe Institute.
  • The thermobaric chamber TBK-110 was manufactured, delivered and put into operation for JSC Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems.

Research and Production Company "Machinery and Tools Engineering Group" develops its activities, gaining the trust of new customers and maintaining strong partnerships with regular customers.

Design and production of equipment for space simulation (thermal vacuum installations) and Space simulators

We deliver the Artificial Sun in wide range of scales from desktop to the large scale

Space Simulators for different applications space simulation, architectural, material testing and PV

Production facilities

The largest Russian manufacturer of vacuum and thermal equipmen

Company resources

Own production and design bases:

  • mechanical section
  • assembly and welding shops
  • thermal section
  • storage facilities for materials, components and finished products
  • free areas

Vacuum laboratory, non-destructive testing laboratory with a control system based on phased array technology, X-ray graphic laboratory

Clean room with an area of 1700 m2 of the 8th class of cleanliness

A group of CNC lathes and high-precision coordinate boring machines provide precision precision machining of parts

The machine park of the enterprise is represented by:

  • rolls, hydroabrasive cutting, turning, drilling, milling, boring machines, presses, hydraulic, cranes, cranes, beams, sheet bending machine, roll forming machine, semi-automatic welding equipment, manual argon arc welding, thermal cutting machines for plasma or gas cutting sheet metal, braiding equipment, etc.

The personnel of workshops and laboratories have undergone appropriate training and certification in the framework of NAKS ROSATOM and ISO standards

Mastered mass-spectrometric methods of tightness control, capillary method of non-destructive testing (testing of defects of welded joints at a thickness of 300 mm on stainless steel was carried out experimentally) and methods of destructive testing (availability of equipment for destructive testing)

The number of employees is more than 750 people, a team of highly qualified specialists in the field of integrated design, as well as effective management and project management has been assembled.

The staff of engineering specialists is more than 110 people

The R-50 upgraded bursting machine

Ultrasonic flaw Detector USD 50

X-ray machine RPD-200

ARSENAL 160 HC X-ray machine

Computer radiography complex FOSFOMATIK-40

Optical emission spectrometer for chemical analysis DFS-500

Absolute Laser Tracker AT960-MR

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