Mounting, supervised-mounting, commissioning and start-up operations

Картинки в первом блоке Картинки в первом блоке

We provide services on comprehensive fitting out and technical management of industrial hardware. The Customer is welcome to use such services like mounting, supervised mounting, training of Customer’s staff and author’s supervision.

The scope and list of services are approved by the Customer by an Agreement prior to operations and taking into account specific performances of the delivered hardware and Customer’s requirements.

The “NPO “GKMP” LLC adopts the full-cycle approach from conception to the end product.

Project implementation

  • Acceptance
  • Rating
  • Analysis
  • The deal
  • Preparation
  • The process
  • Delivery
Картинка в блоке

Acceptance and evaluation: at this stage all materials and hardware necessary for further implementation of the project are accepted. Moreover, quality and conformity assessment is made to make sure that the project is in line with requirements.

Analysis and transaction: this stage covers analysis of all data and materials, as well as transactions and agreements to be entered into between suppliers and contractors.

Preparation and production flow: this stage includes preparation of all required documents and schedules related to the project. The released product or services rendered shall be in accordance with the requirements of the project.

Commissioning and completion of the project: at the last stage the project is handed over to the customer, the works performed are subject to quality inspection, possible defects are rectified, if any. After that the project is considered completed and ready for use.

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Commissioning milestones

  • Professional mounting and accurate commissioning ensure stable operation resulting in further certification and start-up operations.

  • Installation at the mounting site .

  • Connection and alignment of communication between all engineering systems .

  • Launch, adjustment and commissioning of the hardware per required operation modes .

The hardware is checked for defects that might appear while transportation, then unpacked and cleaned.

Training of Customer’s staff

We train representatives of the customer’s organization in accordance with the following categories:

  • The basics of working on equipment.

  • Safety methods and rules of operation.

  • Principles and procedures of technical maintenance and scheduled operational inspection.

The personnel of the shop and laboratories is duly trained and certified per NACWP Rosatom and ISO standards.

Should the Customer so require, the responsible personnel will perform the training.

Author’s supervision

If so required by the Customer, our company may perform the author’s supervision of the hardware delivered. The operations include:

  • Control of the hardware technical health.

  • Scheduled maintenance and technical maintenance of the hardware.

  • Upgrade of the hardware considering the needs and requirements of the customer organization.

Картинки в блоке Картинки в блоке