We carry out the production of prototypes, pilot batches, small series of high technology products.

Based on the goals, budget and wishes of the Customer, we will carry out a high-quality and quick comprehensive analysis of the project, develop technical and project documentation, help draw up a schedule for the supply of equipment and work.

If you need to implement research and industrial installations and equipment, then the engineers of LLC NPO GKMP will provide you with advice on specific issues.

• Design, construction, development of technical specifications and design documentation, calculations;

We have our own design and engineering bureau staffed with experienced qualified engineers who are able to effectively solve problems in the shortest possible time.

• Manufacturing;

Own production sites with the necessary machine park, skilled workers and technologists, planning departments, production assurance and quality control;

• Equipment shipping service;

Shipping service is carried out throughout the Russian Federation and to the regions of the near and far abroad.

• Installation, installation supervision, testing and commissioning

We provide services for complex equipment and technical management in the field of industrial equipment. The customer can use such services as: installation, installation supervision, testing and commissioning. LLC NPO GKMP carries out a full cycle from concept to final product.

• Training (briefing) of the Customer's personnel;

The personnel of workshops and laboratories underwent appropriate training and certification in the framework of ROSATOM and ISO standards. The relevant personnel provide training (instruction) at the request of the Customer.

• Warranty and post-warranty service;

Our specialists have experience in servicing and modernizing any high-tech equipment and appliances.

We are ready to periodically monitor the condition of the enterprise equipment, maintain the required level of vacuum hygiene and monitor the parameters of vacuum systems. We carry out repair and restoration work of any complexity, preventive work and maintenance, field diagnostics.

And also LLC NPO GKMP provides a wide range of services for the processing of metal and parts:

1. Blanking operations - cutting, bending, forging, etc .;
2. All kinds of mechanical processing;
3. Manual and mechanized welding;
4. Heat treatment - carburizing, tempering, annealing, quenching, etc .;
5. Additional painting and shot blasting services

Дополнительные услуги
Turning Welding Procurement operations Heat treatment Additional services Testing of the Customers products in vacuum Leakproofness control and gas analysis Modernization of climate chambers and test benches
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