Delivery and post-warranty maintenance

Картинки в первом блоке Картинки в первом блоке

We deliver our hardware all over the Russian Federation and to the neighboring countries and beyond. We select the proper carrier considering dimensions and mass of the cargo, plan the route and draft the most convenient delivery scheme in order to propose the best option without extra charges.

Apart from that, we coordinate and monitor all movements of the cargo all over the route and provide a package of covering documentation.

Картинка в блоке
Картинка в блоке
Картинка в блоке
Картинка в блоке
Картинка в блоке
Картинка в блоке
Картинка в блоке

Project implementation

  • Acceptance
  • Rating
  • Analysis
  • The deal
  • Preparation
  • The process
  • Delivery
Картинка в блоке

Acceptance and evaluation: at this stage all materials and hardware necessary for further implementation of the project are accepted. Moreover, quality and conformity assessment is made to make sure that the project is in line with requirements.

Analysis and transaction: this stage covers analysis of all data and materials, as well as transactions and agreements to be entered into between suppliers and contractors.

Preparation and production flow: this stage includes preparation of all required documents and schedules related to the project. The released product or services rendered shall be in accordance with the requirements of the project.

Commissioning and completion of the project: at the last stage the project is handed over to the customer, the works performed are subject to quality inspection, possible defects are rectified, if any. After that the project is considered completed and ready for use.

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Transportation of cargoes is covered by shipping regulation that sets forth standard parameters and mass of units to be transported.

The transportation of large-sized or heavy cargoes requires special preparation: permission, approval of the route, payment for use of special motorways, specific transfer route, escorting. This is why it appears vital to know all ins and outs of oversized cargo and stick to the regulation. Our company employs high qualified logisticians that manage the entire process perfectly in line with existing regulation.

Post-warranty maintenance

Use of hardware for industrial production usually leads to the loss of certain technical characteristics due to the wear-off of construction elements.

Post-warranty maintenance provides prompt technical assistance once the official warranty is expired.

Moreover, timely maintenance guarantees a continuous operation of industrial hardware subject to intensive use.

Rest assured that your hardware will operate properly thanks to the post-warranty maintenance agreement. The latter includes the same list of services, as those set forth in the guarantee.

Картинки в блоке Картинки в блоке