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WE ARE: Research and production company “NPO GKMP” LLC
Collaborates with companies engaged in electronic, nuclear and aerospace industry all over Russia thus ensuring sustainable growth and mastery of new products and hardware.
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Join the team of professionals!
Today the number of our employees reach as high as 700. But we are still interested in new talented personnel.
We invest in production, repair and facilities in order to enhance our production capacities and create new work places.
Over the last 5 years the number of jobs doubled.
We offer you:
Extensive social support package
Paid sick leave, yearly holiday and medical check-ups
Extra hours paid
Off per Labor legislation
Official employment
in accordance with the Labor code of the Russian Federation
Labor safety
Labor security system, up-to-date work places, convenient work clothes
Convenient working hours
8:00-16:30, 5/2
Compensation fees
For harmful and hard work conditions, accumulated work record
For critical and urgent assignments fulfilled
Compensation of housing costs
For highly qualified employees
Additionally, we provide:
To Employees:
  • Advanced training
  • Re-training to master related skills in high demand
To newcomers
  • Job training of students supervised by instructor
  • Flexible working hours for students of higher and secondary educational institutions
Join our team and reach with us new heights in machinery and tool construction!
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