Items manufactured from refractory metals and alloys

Delivery of customized items and pieces of any complexity per Customer’s drawings from refractory metals: tungsten, molybdenum, heat-resistive zirconium dioxide-based ceramics, boron nitride, silicon carbide, as well as pieces from carbon and carbon-carbonized composite materials and graphite.
Ultra-high-temperature ceramics
Ultra-high-temperature ceramics
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Manufacture of specific vacuum furnaces exclusively for the needs of your production
Training of Customer’s staff
Commissioning and supervised mounting
Repair, maintenance and upgrade of existing thermal equipment
Ordering products/services
Fields of application:
Melting pots and thermal screens for electric vacuum furnaces
Heaters and heating system
Technological jigcomponents for thermal hardware
Parts for radiation logging devices
Storage vessels for radioactive substances
Protective screens, collimators, components for non-destructive control equipment
Radiation measuring and control equipment etc.
Insulators, sensors, piston plugs and pump components
Components for fluid supply system
LED-chip support structures
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