Tungsten boat. Welding of tungsten pieces

Tungsten boat. Welding of tungsten pieces

Tungsten is welded once pre-heated up to 500°С, as at the ambient temperature it becomes fragile. Plasticity of welded seams is higher after additional thermal treatment.

Tungsten boats are widely used in metallurgy mostly to benefit from tungsten properties. They are used rather often in complex facilities (hydrogen furnaces, vacuum furnaces, annealing and reduction furnaces), for technological processes aimed at glass production, chemical restoration reactions. Boats can differ in their configuration or design depending on its purpose. Tungsten boats are produced by different means: powder pressing, by bending and riveting tungsten sheets, possibly by welding.

Key benefits of tungsten boats:

  • Heat resistance;
  • Thermal creep resistance;
  • High elasticity modulus;
  • Lowthermalexpansioncoefficient;
  • Durability and strength;
  • Corrosion resistance;
  • Chemical inertness, resistance to aggressive agents;

The more industries develop, the more ground is gained by refractory metals and their alloys. Nevertheless, the machining of such materials is not easy due to its strength properties and refractory nature, and requires a lot of effort. Refractory alloys obtained by pressing are quite hard to be machined. Tungsten can be welded only once being pre-heated up to 500ºC, as it is getting fragile at ambient temperature. The plasticity of welded seams is increased after additional thermal treatment.

Our company developed a state-of-the-art tungsten welding technology.


Density, g/cm3


Thermal conductivity, 25°СW/m•K


Thermal expansion coefficient, 25°С (10-6/К)


We supply tungsten boats (tungsten vaporizers) of different dimensions and shapes per Customer’s specification.