Tungsten boats

Tungsten boats

Tungsten boats are widely used in metallurgy and industry, largely due to the properties of tungsten. Quite often they are used in complex plants (hydrogen, vacuum furnaces, annealing and reduction furnaces), in glass manufacturing processes, in the procedure of chemical reactions for the reduction of metal oxides, in crystal growth plants, etc. Depending on the purpose, the boats vary in configuration and performance variations. Tungsten boats are produced in different ways: by powder pressing, from tungsten sheets by bending and riveting, it is possible to use welding.

Advantages of tungsten boats:

  • Heat resistance;
  • High thermal creep resistance;
  • High modulus of elasticity;
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion;
  • Strength and durability;
  • Corrosion resistance;
  • Chemical inertness, resistance to aggressive reagents;

In connection with the development of new industries, the scope of using refractory metals and alloys based on them is expanding. However, their processing due to refractoriness and strength characteristics is very complex and time-consuming. Pressed alloys based on refractory metals are rather difficult to process.

The company has developed a unique technology for tungsten welding.

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Density, g/cm3

Thermal conductivity, 25 ° CW/m • K

The coefficient of thermal expansion, 25 ° C (10-6/K)





We supply custom designed tungsten boats (tungsten evaporators) of various sizes and configurations according to customer drawings.