Products from zirconium dioxide ceramics (ZrO2)

Zirconium dioxide ceramics

Zirconium dioxide ceramics

Products made of zirconium dioxide technical ceramics are chemically inert (do not react with aggressive agents).

Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) has a unique set of properties, such as:

  • High hardness;
  • Perfect corrosion resistance;
  • Low thermal conductivity;
  • Crack resistance;
  • Robustness at high temperatures.

The combination of these properties renders Zirconium dioxide ceramics irreplaceable for numerous industries (from high resistive parts to medicine).

Zirconium dioxide is used to obtain extra heat resistive products, heat resistive enamel, refractory glass, different types of ceramics, ceramic pigments, thermal protective coatings, catalyzers, cutters and abrasive materials. Recently zirconium dioxide is widely used in fiber optics and production of ceramics to be integrated in electronic devices.


  • Maintain robustness at high temperatures (melting point 2715 °С);
  • High hardness;
  • Corrosion resistance;
  • Low thermal conductivity.


  • Facing for worn-off hardware;
  • Roll bearings;
  • Grinding bodies;
  • Crucibles;
  • Screw conveyors;
  • Elements of valves and shut-offs;
  • Rolls for milling fittings;
  • Elements for oxygen sensors;
  • Heaters;
  • Heat-resistive products;
  • Plungers;
  • Ceramic insulators.

  • We supply zirconium dioxide products of different design per Customer’s individual drawings.

    Basic properties of the material ZrO2 95%+ Y2O3 5%

    Density, g/cm3


    Open porosity, %


    Vickers hardness

    1150 (HV0.5)

    Elasticity modulus, GPa


    Flexural strength, MPa


    Compressive strength, MPa


    Thermal conductivity at 20-100°С, W/mK


    Thermal resistance

    280 (△ T °С)

    Linear thermal expansion coefficient at 20-1000°С, 10-6К-1


    Volumetric specific resistance (20°С)

    ≥1010 (Ω)

    Maximal operating temperature




    Material can be used with alternative percentage ZrO2 + Y2O3.


    It is possible to use calcium oxide or magnesium oxide as stabilizer, if so requested by the Customer.


    The “NPO “GKMP” LLC supplies zirconium dioxide products of different design per Customer’s individual drawings.