Tungsten screens

Tungsten screens

Thermal tungsten shroud is a unit used to ensure the best protection of different structures exposed to extremely high temperatures.

Protective shrouds look like tungsten sheets, either riveted or one-piece. Workpieces are inserted one into another; the space between cylinders is filled with special shaped spacers from tungsten or molybdenum, or from the mixture of those.

The final structure is subject to high temperature treatment. Such heat resistive shrouds are highly thermally stable, energy effective and durable in terms of use.

Application areas of tungsten shrouds:

Heat resistive protective shrouds are used in vacuum and hydrogen furnaces, electric vacuum devices to stabilize temperature inside a crystal growing machine, while glass melting etc.



Density, g/cm3


Thermal conductivity, 25°СW/m•К


Thermal expansion coefficient, 25°С (10-6/К)





Protection shroud can be of any shape and configuration depending on its application purpose.


Our company delivers shrouds manufactured under Customers drawings taking into account any requirements.