Tungsten screens

Tungsten screens

Protective screens are tungsten sheets, riveted or solid. The blanks are inserted into each other, the space between the cylinders is filled with spacers of a special shape made of tungsten or molybdenum, or a combination thereof. The resulting design is subjected to high temperature processing. Such heat-resistant screens are characterized by high thermal stability, energy efficiency and maximum stability during operation.

Uses of tungsten screens:

Heat-resistant screens are used in vacuum and hydrogen furnaces, electrovacuum devices, to stabilize the temperature inside a single-crystal growing plant, when melting glass, etc.


Density, g / cm3

Thermal conductivity, 25 ° CW/m • K

The coefficient of thermal expansion, 25 ° C (10-6 / K)





The protective screen can be of any size and configuration, based on the scope of its intended uses.

Our company supplies heat-resistant screens according to customer drawings and taking into account his wishes.