Molybdenum heaters

Molybdenum heaters

Molybdenum heaters

Molybdenum heaters are commonly used as part of high temperature furnaces: vacuum and hydrogenated acrylonitrile inductions intering furnaces with operating temperature above 2000°С, as long as they are peculiar with their operational reliability and high heat resistance. Heaters are irreplaceable for glass melting, sintering of powder materials, growing monocrystals etc.

The price of a molybdenum heater is conditioned by the complexity of its configuration, dimensions and additional requirements of the Customer.

The “NPO “GKMP” LLC supplies heaters of any configuration and sizeper Customer’s drawings.

Types of available heating elements by shape:

  • U-shaped
  • W-shaped
  • I-shaped and others

  • The “NPO “GKMP” LLC supplies molybdenum heaters of any size and kitting considering the purpose and anticipated application per Customer’s drawings.