Heating elements

Molybdenum heating elements

Molybdenum heating elements

Molybdenum Heating Elements are actively used as part of high-temperature furnaces: vacuum and hydrogen electric resistance furnaces, induction sintering furnaces with a working temperature above 2000 ° C, because they are characterized by operational reliability and high heat resistance. Heaters are indispensable in the process of glass melting, sintering of products from powder materials, growing single crystals, etc.

The price of the molybdenum heating elements depends on the complexity of the configuration, size features and additional conditions of the Customer.

LLC NPO GKMP offers heating elements of any configurations and sizes according to the individual project of the Customer.

Types of heating elements offered in shape:

  • U-shaped
  • W-shaped
  • I-shaped and others
  • LLC NPO GKMP supplies custom-made molybdenum heaters of any size and configuration, based on the scope of their planned application in accordance with the drawings of the Customer.