Tungsten crucibles

Tungsten crucibles

Due to the increased heat resistance and the unique refractoriness of tungsten, tungsten crucibles are used in furnaces operating in a vacuum or in a protective atmosphere.A tungsten crucible is highly suitable for growing single crystals, (Equipment for growing single crystals on our website for melting, sintering and annealing powder materials, for smelting quartz, rare earth metals and refractory materials, for applying metal films in vacuum (in furnaces with a operating temperature above 2000 ° ).

Tungsten crucibles are widely used in metallurgy, metalworking, foundry and chemical industries, but they play a particularly important role in the growing of leucosapphire crystals: due to their high density and purity, the absence of internal cracks and an ideally smooth surface, a decisive influence on the qualitative growth of crystals.

The advantages of our tungsten crucibles,lies in the possibility of producing crucibles of any shape and size to order according to customer drawings: round, square, elliptical, V-shaped, with a lid, etc.

The price of a tungsten crucible consists of the features of the production of tungsten products, tungsten is very difficult to stand out in its pure form and is very moody during processing. Also, the price of a crucible depends on the parameters and complexity of the configuration and possible additional requirements for it.

In order to buy a tungsten crucible from our company, you need to send a working sketch of the future product to our email address:

  • High purity of tungsten - above 99.95%;
  • High density - 18.2 g / cm3;
  • Surface roughness - Rz 6.3 no more

The tungsten crucible is reliable and durable, has high strength and elasticity, can withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures in vacuum and inert gases (up to 2600 ° C).

Standart crucible dimensions

Diameter (mm) Wall Thickness (mm) Height (mm)
30-50 8-10 <1300
50-100 8-15
100-150 10-15
150-200 12-20
200-300 15-20
300-400 15-30
400-450 15-30
450-550 15-30
550-650 25-35
650-750 25-35

Tungsten melting crucibles are produced in different ways depending on the uses:

  • Sintering from powder (used for crucibles of all shapes and sizes);
  • Turning (complex machining of workpieces);
  • Plasma sputtering.