Magnetic coils

Production of different electromagnetic coils over 8000 mm in diameter using in-the-house devices for winding, transportation of modules and beams for compression, specific devices designed for manufacture and sintering of coils, customized stacks for module storage. 
Electromagnetic coils OU3, OU4, OU5
Electromagnetic coils OU3, OU4, OU5
Inductor winding (Solenoid coil)
Inductor winding (Solenoid coil)
OTP coils
OTP coils
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Manufacture of specific vacuum furnaces exclusively for the needs of your production
Training of Customer’s staff
Commissioning and supervised mounting
Repair, maintenance and upgrade of existing magnetic coils
Fields of application:
As electric magnets of the actuating mechanism
As energy source for heating-up and diagnostics of inductively coupled plasm
As part of radio devices (electric wave receiver)
To heat-up the conductive material in induction furnaces
As part of the induction sensor (induction magnetometer)
To generate energy
For scientific experiments
In nuclear and magnet tomography machines and other
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