High power plasma thruster test facility

High power plasma thruster test facility

High power plasma thruster test facility

Plasmajet engines testing equipment

The facility is designed for firing test of high-power stationary plasma thrusters developed and produced by the LPSC, India.

In order to perform on-ground testing of ion thrusters one requires to simulate space environment. For this purpose, vacuum chambers shall have rather significant volume and be equipped with efficient pumping system, dispersion devices and be well protected from plasma current.

For more convenient use the thruster under test is located in antechamber that can be separated from the main chamber.


  • Main vacuum chamber;

  • Antechamber for thruster under test;

  • Carbonized protective facing;

  • Cooling system;

  • Plasma beam capture system;

  • Vacuum pumping system based on screw pumps, turbomolecular pumps and special-purpose; cryogenic vacuum pumps retrofitted for xenon pumping;

  • Analytic system for plasma measurement system;

  • Control system.

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Diameter of the main chamber, mm


Length of the main chamber, mm


Diameter of the pre-chamber, mm


Length of the pre-chamber, mm


Static vacuum, Pa (mmHg)

1*10-4 (0.75*10-6)

Dynamic vacuum, Pa (mmHg)

2*10-3 (1.5*10-5)

Xenon consumption, mg/s


The power of the tested SPD, kW


Xenon consumption after modernization, mg/s

до 60

The power of the tested SPD after modernization, kW

до 60-80


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