UVN-71, UVN-74

UVN-71, UVN-74 type coating equipment

UVN-71, UVN-74 type coating equipment

During the Soviet Union, for its own needs of the electronic, aerospace, and nuclear industries, many facilities of the type UVN-71 (cylindrical chamber with vertical lifting of the bell), UVN-74 (cylindrical horizontal chamber with an opening round flange door), RE-70, VU- 1, VU-2, Oratorio (a chamber with a rectangular flanged door), etc. Despite the fact that these installations are morally (and often physically) outdated, many of them are used in modern production, and taking into account well-established technological processes, the transition to modern equipment will require huge investments and will take a lot of time.

NPO “GKMP” proposes the creation of similar installations with the overall characteristics of the chamber and subcapillary equipment, completely identical to the existing ones, but equipped with the latest automated control system, pumping vacuum system, and a control system for the spraying process parameters. These equipment will replace existing process technology without the need for changes, and the modern components and materials used will increase the service life and simplify maintenance and maintainability. It is also possible to deeply upgrade existing installations, during which only those systems will be changed, the replacement of which is in demand by the customer.

Number of chambers in the installation


Form of the chamber


Dimensions of the working area of the chamber

diameter, mm

length, mm



Substrate heating temperature, оС


Material Spraying Method

resistive heating, electron beam heating, ion-plasma magnetron sputtering

Substrate materials

metals, alloys, ceramics, glass, single crystal plates

Coating materials

metals, alloys, nitrides, two-component compounds

The thickness of the coating, microns

0.001-500 (determined by technology)

Possibility of vacuum cleaning by glow discharge


Possibility of sequential sputtering of several coatings in one process


Types of pumping systems used

oil (rotary vane + diffusion pumps), oil-free (dry scroll + turbomolecular pumps)

Types of sensors for monitoring the thickness of the coating

vibrational, quartz, optical (photometric), resistive, capacitive, combined

Substrates location in the chamber

vertical, horizontal

Possibility of carousel processing of substrates


Possibility of double-sided application


Possibility to apply in a limited volume



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