Coating equipment

Coating equipment

Coating equipment

Vacuum coating systemsModern technological processes require modern high-tech solutions. So, in order to create unique materials, in one of the enterprises of the aerospace industry with the participation of leading specialists from a number of domestic enterprises, in 1995 a modern installation for coating MAP-1 was created. Subsequently, this equipment was subjected to repeated modernization, which led to the creation of modifications MAP-2 and MAP-3.

NPO “GKMP” has been a manufacturer of such equipment since 2012. Based on the existing experience in the manufacture of vacuum chambers,vacuum components and covable mechanism , hermetic inlets, pumping systems, we can safely say that at the moment it is possible to manufacture coating systems in vacuum of almost any configuration required by the customer. Own high-tech production, a vacuum laboratory equipped with modern equipment, as well as experience in design developments in this direction allow us to create the required installation in a fairly short time without overstating the cost of the finished equipment.

If necessary, it is possible to create an installation with box loading. This installation ensures the continuous presence of products in a vacuum, and loading and unloading occurs using separately sealed lock boxes. Thus, it is possible to obtain a production line with a continuous process of coating on substrates.

Number of chambers in the installation


Form of the chamber

cylindrical, rectangular

Dimensions of the working area of the chamber

diameter, mm

length, mm



Substrate heating temperature, оС


Material Spraying Method

resistive heating, electron beam heating, ion-plasma magnetron sputtering

Substrate materials

metals, alloys, ceramics, glass, single crystal plates

Coating materials

metals, alloys, nitrides, two-component compounds

The thickness of the coating, microns

0.001-500 (determined by technology)

Possibility of vacuum cleaning by glow discharge


Possibility of sequential sputtering of several coatings in one process


Types of pumping systems used

oil (rotary vane + diffusion pumps), oil-free (dry scroll + turbomolecular pumps)

Types of sensors for monitoring the thickness of the coating

vibrational, quartz, optical (photometric), resistive, capacitive, combined

Substrates location in the chamber

liberally, determined by the process technology

Possibility of carousel processing of substrates


Возможность двустороннего нанесения



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