Bell lift-off type furnaces with stationary heating systems

Bell lift-off type furnaces with stationary heating systems

Bell lift-off type furnaces with stationary heating systems

The structural feature of this type of furnace is the stationary position of the heating system, which ensures the best maintainability and convenient maintenance of the heating system with frequent use of equipment. Stationary installed heaters provide the best visual control of the working area when installing cages with products, which allows to increase the percentage of suitable products and make the process as manageable as possible. After the automated lifting, the hood is pulled to the side and the charge of the cage with products is loaded vertically.

The heating elements can be of a cylindrical and strip type, from high-temperature resistance alloys (nichrome, eurofechral, kanthal A1), molybdenum, tungsten, tungsten-rhenium alloy, the installation of an all-welded heater is possible. Such a wide range of materials used allows you to create a furnace with a precise atmosphere, suitable for most industrial processes. The absence of dusty materials in the heating chamber, as well as a special method of surface treatment, allows ultra-pure processes in furnaces.

Parameter name


Chamber quantity, items

1 or 2

Type of chambers:

cylindrical, vertically oriented

Inner dimensions of chamber:

- d, mm:

- h, mm:



Temperaturein theworking chamberоС:

-control thermocouples ХА (K) or НН (N):
-control thermocouples PP (S) or PR (B):
-control thermocouples BP (A1) or BP (C):
-control with a wide-range pyrometer:





Heating type


Permissible mass with parts, kg:


Available oxygen removal methods:

nitrogen or inert gas purge, fore-vacuum pumping, multi-stage

Range of heating / cooling speeds, ° C / min:


Working gases:

hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, argon, methane, formgas

Number of inputs for working gases:


Available operations with working gases:

mixing, moisturizing

Minimum percentage of each gas when mixed:


Range of automatic adjustment of the flow rate of each gas, l / min:


Ability to use as a vacuum or gas vacuum furnace:


Types of pumping systems:

oil (rotary vane + diffusion pumps), oil-free (dry scroll + turbomolecular pumps)

The uniformity of temperature in the working space without loading the electric furnace with automatic control of maintaining the temperature in the steady state, ° C, is not worse:


Stability of maintaining the operating temperature in the working area when controlling heating in automatic mode, ° C, not worse:


Heaters power consumption,kVA


Total dimensions, mm, no more than:

- length:

- width

- high




Weight, kg, no more than



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