Shaft and chamber furnaces

Shaft and chamber furnaces

Shaft and chamber furnaces

Shaft furnace - chamber-type resistance electric furnace with a sealed chamber and a removable cover and vertical loading. Chamber electric furnace - electric resistance furnace with a sealed chamber and a hinged or sliding cover and horizontal loading.

A structural feature of this type of furnace is the stationary position of the chamber and heaters in conjunction with a movable cover or door. The volume of the working zone of the produced furnaces of this type exceeds 150 m3, and the degree of vacuum maintained reaches 6.5 • 10-2 Pa. It is also possible high-vacuum pumping inlet controlled atmosphere.

This type of furnace provides ease of use and the ability to process parts of particularly large dimensions. At the same time, the furnaces have optimal maintainability. This type of furnace is suitable for multi-zone execution, which helps to minimize the temperature gradient inside the chamber. The use of modern heat-insulating materials minimizes heat loss and, as a consequence, reduces powerconsumption.

Heating elements can be of almost any shape from any high-temperature resistance alloy (nichrome, eurofechral, kanthal A1), molybdenum and tungsten alloys. The structure of the heater is usually collapsible, which allows you to replace the part of the heater that requires replacement during maintenance, without affecting the rest of the elements.

The main advantages of shaft and chamber furnaces:

  • a large range of sizes of the working area;
  • easy inputting and outputting of processed products;
  • convenience of sealing the workspace;
  • ease of maintenance and repair;
  • ergonomics and profitability.
  • Scope: annealing, tempering, normalization of large-sized products and structures made of stainless and stainless steels, gas quenching, cementation, nitriding, etc.

    Parameter name


    Type of chambers:


    Formof the chamber

    cylindrical or rectangular

    Inner dimensions of chamber:

    - min, mm:

    - max, mm:


    24000 and more

    Operating temperature range in the heating chamber, оС:
    -control thermocouples ХА (K) or НН (N):
    -control thermocouples PP (S) or PR (B):
    -control thermocouples BP (A1) or BP (C):




    Heating type


    Permissible mass with parts, kg:


    Available oxygen removal methods:

    forevacuum pumping

    Range of heating / cooling speeds, ° C / min:


    Working gases:

    nitrogen, argon, methane, ammonia, formgas, other gases as agreed

    Number of inputs for working gases:


    Available operations with working gases:

    mixing, moisturizing

    Minimum percentage of each gas when mixed:


    Range of automatic adjustment of the flow rate of each gas, l / min:

    30...12000 and more

    Ability to use as a vacuum or gas vacuum furnace:


    Ability to use as a convection chamber:


    Types of pumping systems:

    oil (rotary vane + diffusion pumps), oil-free (dry scroll + turbomolecular pumps)

    The uniformity of temperature in the working space without loading the electric furnace with automatic control of maintaining the temperature in the steady state, ° C, is not worse:


    Stability of maintaining the operating temperature in the working area when controlling heating in automatic mode, ° C, not worse:



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