Vacuum chamber with sample transfer system

Vacuum chamber with sample transfer system

Vacuum chamber with sample transfer system

Ref. No. PGBA.814.000

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Special-purpose vacuum hardware and equipment

Vacuum chamber with sample transfer system is designed to test resistance of items to any exposure, such as radiation, ionizing radiation, vacuum, outgassing etc.

The facility consists of a vacuum chamber rectangular in its cross-section with two latches (doors) to access the internal volume in order to load/unload samples for maintenance. A flange equipped with delta manipulator is located on the bottom part of the vacuum chamber. The vacuum chamber with manipulator is located on the body of aluminum profile. Such architecture enables to adjust position of the chamber along three axes for convenient alignment of adjacent systems.

The vacuum inside the chamber is ensured via double stage pumping system consisting of a spiral fore pump, a turbomolecular pump, a valve decoupling and a system of flexible pipeline. The internal pressure of the chamber and pipelines is adjusted via Pirani sensors not connected to the outer electronic unit.

The design enables to load one or few test objects inside the vacuum chamber and once those are tested move them along three axes using the delta manipulator. The manipulator has few attachment holes to mount diagnostic hardware in order to monitor test parameters.

The objects are manipulated inside the chamber automatically. The control system is made on the basis of the Siemens S7-1200 and mounted inside industrial wall-mounted cabinet. When so required the elements of the control system can be installed inside the installed cabinet to be integrated with a
19-inch rack.

The “NPO “GKMP” LLC produces vacuum systems of different modifications, performs the
“turn-key” design and production of customized non-standard vacuum systemsto reproduce specific processes of variouspurpose, as per design specification of the customer.

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Operating pressure, not to exceed, mmHg


Axis stroke,mm:







Positioning pitch, mm


Positioning accuracy, mm


Overall sizes of the vacuum chamber, mm


No. of gateways


Flange connections




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Control system

based on Siemens S7-1200


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