The vu-180 vacuum chamber with an internal diameter of 5200 mm and a height of up to 13100 mm is designed for testing products in simulated outer space. The camera is modular, which allows you to change the required working volume.


Thermal vacuume quipment VU-180

Thermal vacuume quipment VU-180

Thermal vacuume quipment VU-180


  • Modular vacuum chamber;
  • Vertical testing table;
  • Service lighting system;
  • Vacuum equipment;
  • Cryogenic shrouds;
  • LN2 supply system;
  • Measurement system;
  • Control system.

Thermal vacuum equipment VU-180 include vertical modular vacuum chamber, working table mounted on base of fixed segment and lighting system for maintenance.

VU-180 is intended for thermal vacuum tests of electronic apparatus to check its parameters and operation life in case of space environment. Maximum test duration is 20 days.

Ultimate vacuum

1.3·10-3 Pa

Working pressure

5·10-4 Pa

Degas rate


Cryogenic shroud temperature

-190±5 oC

Working table diameter

4300 mm

Loading capacity

2500 kg

General dimensions:

Outside diameter with stiffening band

Inside diameter

Height of fixed segment

Height of cylindrical section №1

Height of cylindrical section №2








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