Cryogenic vacuum facility vu-180

Cryogenic vacuum facility vu-180

Thermal vacuume quipment VU-180

VU-180 is a cryogenic facility with 5200 mm of internal diameter and 13100 high designed to test items in conditions that simulate space environment. The chamber is of modulararchitecture that enables to adjust the required operating volume.
The “NPO “GKMP” LLC develops and produces vacuum chambers with embedded cryogenic screens. The latter can be cooled down with the help of liquid nitrogen or helium, as well as by cryogenic gas devices using the Gifford-McMahon closed cycle or a pulse tube. Flow-through cryogenic shrouds can be retrofitted with additional cryogenic tanks, nitrogen or helium liquefiers to ensure a non-stop operation 24/7. The selection of a proper cryogenic accessories of a vacuum chamber depends of actual application purpose of the Customer.  


•    Modular chamber
•    Internal technological table
•    Illumination system for scheduled maintenance
•    Pumping system -cryogenic vacuum pumps
•    Cryogenic shrouds
•    Liquified nitrogen supply system
•    System for item’s parameter measurements
•    Control system

Cryogenic facility VU-180 is used to check the quality of parts, nodes, mechanisms and pieces, to check reliability of electronic devices and electronic components, to manage the quality of materials and coatings, etc.

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Overall dimensions, mm:


• outer diameter on primary structure, not to exceed, mm


• outer diameter on shell ring, not to exceed, mm


• height of cylindric stationary section, mm


• height of cylindric part of the spacer No.1, mm


• height of cylindric part of the spacer No.2, mm


Operating pressure, Pa (mmHg)


Ultimate pressure inside the chamber, mmHg


Total leakage of the vacuum chamber without any test object, l* µmHg/s


Average operating temperature on cryogenic shrouds, oC

-190 ± 5

Diameter of the inner technological table, mm


Maximal load to inner technological table, kg



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