Vacuum chamber for testing of high-power pulse plasma thrusters on hydrogen

Vacuum chamber for testing of high-power pulse hydrogen plasma thrusters

Vacuum chamber for testing of high-power pulse hydrogen plasma thrusters


The chamber is designed for on-ground firing test of high-power electric thrusters using hydrogen as propellant. 

The NPO “GKMP” LLC produces environmental vacuum chambers to simulate heat-cold-humidity conditions, vacuum benches, salt-spray and rain chambers, facilities for thermal blow and light aging, deep freeze chambers and other test facilities of the domestic brand, as well as drying boxes and automation systems for test chambers.

The NPO “GKMP” LLC provides an extended warranty and performs the maintenance of the hardware all over Russia using its own production capacities located in Bryansk. Our company and equipment produced are certified per standard GOST R ISO 9001-2015. We provide warranty for all equipment produced and deliver it all over Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.


  • Vacuum chamber

  • Plasma flow receiver

  • Thermal protection screen

  • For pumping system

  • The main system for high-vacuum pumping based on specialized cryogenic pumps

  • Internal sliding desk to mount diagnostic elements

  • Tools for external optical diagnostic instruments

  • Control system

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More than 100 project – Full-service cycle – Warrant for products produced

Inside diameter of the vacuum chamber, mm

4 000

Length of the cylindrical part of the vacuum chamber, mm

12 000

Power of tested electric propulsion engines, kW


Maximum hydrogen consumption in the engine, mg / s


Ultimate pressure is, mm Hg


Working pressure, mm Hg (at maximum hydrogen consumption from the engine)

up to  10-3

Pumping-out system

completely oil-free evacuation

The duration of the tests, minutes, at full power

is at least 20


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