Carbothermal synthesis facility (csf)

Carbothermal synthesis facility (csf)

Carbothermal synthesis facility (csf)

Carbothermic Synthesis System

This facility representsa completely automated complex consisting of eight gas and vacuum push furnaces designed for complex processes of sintering and deposition within a single transportation leak-proof line. The facility is capable to operate 24/7 within a year being unattended by an operator. The facility is completely leak-proof and equipped with two airlock chambers used to load workpieces and unlock end products.

The “NPO “GKMP” produces customized technological lines of any complexity, including those to perform hazardous and complex technological processes.

The main advantages of technological lines:

  • Full implementation of technological processing cycle within a single facility;

  • Minimal interaction of the staff with items processed and almost zero human factor effect;

  • Full complex automated production;

  • High reliability and precision of processing;

  • Resources and energy saving, safety.

Application area: any completely automated production where human interference is unnecessary or not recommended.

Technological lines produced by the “NPO “GKMP” are in line with the international standard Industry 4.0. 


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