Vacuum annealing furnace

Vacuum annealing furnace

Vacuum annealing furnace

Вакуумные печи для отжига

Vacuum annealing furnace enables to upgrade some properties of a material and thus improve their quality by creating a more homogeneous structure. This operation is performed by heating and further cooling down of a workpiece. Vacuum furnaces, unlike any other annealing equipment, enable to perform this procedure without having the metal oxidized. 

Vacuum annealing significantly increases the elasticity of a material. For example, such process can many times improve the titanium impact viscosity

Furnaces are designed to anneal and stabilize items from instrumental, sealing, speed-cutting, refractory and stainless steels, magnetic materials, non-ferrous alloys etc.

The up-do-date technologies ensures the best quality of thermal treatment and perfectly smooth surface.

We can propose furnaces to fitany non-standard dimensions of the working area per Customer’s specification.

Vacuum furnaces are good for thermal treatment of metals and alloys.

Our company has a vast experience in selection, delivery, design and production of a wide range of vacuum equipment, including high-quality gas quenching vacuum furnaces.

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