STVI-2 is intended for measurement and control of optico-physical characteristics of on-board apparatuses in stage of experimental testing on the Earth as well as optico-electronics systems and devises under space conditions.
The useful diameter of the vacuum chamber is 5000 mm, height 10000 mm.


Thermal vacuum testing equipment for space simulation STVI-2

Thermal vacuum testing equipment for space simulation STVI-2

Thermal vacuum testing equipment for space simulation STVI-2


  • Vacuum chamber;
  • Vacuum system;
  • Cryogenic space simulation system;
  • Optical system for point-source feed simulation
  • Solar source simulation;
  • Heat transfer rate simulation;
  • Hexapod for objectpositioning.

Thermal vacuum chamber consist several sections made from stainless steel (AISI 321). Inner surface finishing Ra 0.63 and welding seams finishing Ra 2.5. There are two Viton O-rings between section's flanges of vacuum chamber. Vacuum chamber mounted on vibration-damping supports to avoid external affection on optical apparatures.

There is rectangular door width 2500 mm and height 3500 mm for loading and unloading procedure. There are two Viton cord with using for door sealing. All vacuum pumps using for vacuum chamber evacuation are series-produced.

Simulation of space temperature in vacuum chamber provide by cryogenic shrouds filled by liquid Nitrogen. The liquid Nitrogen supply system consist from filling facility, storage tank, cryogenic pipelines with vacuum isolation and liquid Nitrogen separator for coolant circulation.

Optical system for point-source feed simulation is a double-channel collimator with alcohol coolant. All parts of collimator are fitted on moving supports for adjustment and orientation. Solar source facility designed for simulation beam of light with parallel rays and spectrum close to extra-atmospheric spectrum of the Sun.

Heat transfer rate facility designed for simulation of temperature effects in case of vacuum and space temperature. Heat transfer rate facility consist of IR heaters, power source and special cables.

All equipment is connected to Industrial Control System based on PLC and operate according to developed algorithm avoiding a human error.

Ultimate vacuum

1x10-4 Pa

Vacuum equipment

Oil free

Heat load

1350 … 1900 W/m2

Nonuniformityof heat rate

15 %

General mirror temperature

253 … 273 K

Hexapod axis movement in two perpendicular directions

0 … ±12o

Rotation about a vertical axis


Loading capacity

1500 kg

Dimensions of objects


Motor temperature

+40 oC

Heat rate density on the object surface

0 … 500 W/m2

Nonuniformity of heat rate on the object surface

15 %

Illumination sector of heat transfer rate source

90o +10o

General dimensions:

Outside diameter


Inside diameter


5300 mm

10000 mm

5000 mm