Vacuum tempering furnace (retort furnace)

Vacuum tempering furnace (retort furnace)

Vacuum tempering furnace (retort furnace)

Vacuum tempering furnace (retort furnace)Vacuum tempering furnace is a specialized hardware that recrystallize alloys and dissolve martensite (special structure peculiar to hardened metals, a microlevel of a needle-shaped or rail type). As a rule, a retort furnace has a sealed retort; heaters are mounted outside the main element. The neutral gas is either supplied inside or discharged, depending on the type of the treatment performed. Such design of the furnace does not involve any thermal insulation of water jacket type.

“NPO “GKMP” LLC offers furnaces to fit non-standard dimensions of the working area per Customer’s specification.

Thanks to its efficiency and competitive price vacuum tempering furnaces are widely used in different industries: such furnaces are frequently used to produce pieces subject to high loads. Furthermore, this type of furnace is engaged in aviation and car construction industry. As for the modern metal casting factories, they simply cannot exist without vacuum tempering furnaces.

Advantages of vacuum tempering furnace

The vacuum tempering furnaces have the following advantages:

  • Environmental security;
  • Surfaces of the pieces treated are free from any damage and contamination;
  • Relatively low power consumption;
  • High efficiency;
  • Robustness and reliability;
  • Equipped with an embedded temperature control device to maintain and adjust proper thermal treatment mode;
  • Equipped with information display for convenient process data surveillance;
  • Highly automated operations;
  • Reliable security system that sends alarm signal in case of emergency;
  • Simple and reliable design;
  • Easy installation, commissioning and maintenance;
  • Competitive price.

Vacuum furnaces are fit for thermal treatment of metals and alloys.

Our company has a vast experience in selection, delivery, design and production of a wide range of vacuum equipment, including high-quality vacuum tempering furnaces.

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