Gas quenching vacuum furnaces

Gas quenching vacuum furnaces

Gas quenching vacuum furnaces

Gas quenching vacuum furnacesVacuum furnaces that allow quenching in inert gases are in high demand and considered as the most suitable option from the entire scope of thermal treatment hardware. Such equipmentensures theprocessing of stainless steel, titanium alloys as well as materials subject to higher quality and robustness requirements. 

This type of furnace is widely used in production of motors, drives, electric stations etc.;else theyare applied in aircraft construction, machinery and especially in metallurgy. Vacuum furnaces for gas quenching have numerous applications and can enhance capacities of quite any production. Apart from that vacuum furnaces are frequently used for laboratory experiments and to test materials of any kind.

Vacuum furnaces are fit for thermal treatment of metals and alloys.

Our company has a vast experience in selection, delivery, design and production of a wide range of vacuum equipment, including high-quality gas quenching vacuum furnaces. 

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