Vacuum chamber ps-45

Vacuum chamber ps-45

Vacuum chamber ps-45

Additional section of vacuum vessel

The vacuum chamber PS-45 is a chamberextension section designed to test thrusters intended for space application. The section is made of stainless steel and has all required reinforcement beams, the internal diameter of 3800 mm, length 3870 mm.

When designing the vacuum chamber, we stick to the key aspects like appropriate dimensions, shape, design, convenience and at the same time efficiency of the operating zone when any production improvement is concerned.

Just as for any development, we draft our proposal relying on clear understanding of how our hardware will be used and what processes shall be maintained inside. Our engineers develop specific internal jig to locate large and heavy objects.

The chamber is designed for firing tests of plasma and ion thrusters.

The internal diameter of the chamber is 3800 mm, the length is 3870 mm. The chamber is equipped with 5 flanges DU1250 to enable mounting of specific cryogenic vacuum pumps fit for xenon pumping, the operating pressure is about 10-6 mmHg.

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