Thermal compression equipment

Thermal compression equipment

Thermal compression equipment

UTDSThermocompression is a physical process that combines the heating of a product or a group of products with the application of an adjustable force that generates a specific physical process.

Thermocompression welding is the process of welding parts from dissimilar materials, carried out with heating under pressure. The essence of the process is as follows: when exposed to pressure and temperature on the treated surface, the material of one part settles and begins to flow along the second part. As a result of this, the contact site is heated, it is cleaned of the oxide film and other extraneous formations, the surfaces come together as close as possible and a tight weld is obtained. The advantages of the described process include low sensitivity to changes in operating parameters, stability of the entire welding process and process control by controlling pressure and temperature.

Thermocompression technology is used in powder metallurgy to create products from refractory materials, dissimilar metals and composites. Varying the process parameters, it is possible to obtain parts of complex shape with an identical composition, but different physicochemical properties.

Hot punching and burning processes are used in critical areas of production of complex products in the case where other production technologies do not allow to obtain the product of the proper quality.

Thermocompression units manufactured by NPO GKMP are manufactured according to the customer’s technological map or strictly in accordance with the statement of work. Owing to the in-house production of electrothermal equipment, as well as extensive experience in creating pressurized chambers, pressurized inlets, controlled hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders and compression oil stations, it is possible to manufacture thermocompression units with various values of operating pressures - from several kilograms to tens of tons, and temperatures - up to 2200 ° WITH.

Thermocompression units manufactured by NPO GKMP are fully automated. The control system clearly fulfills feedback on the temperature of the welded joint and the applied force. The composition of the atmosphere or the degree of vacuum inside the chamber is continuously maintained at a given level. The control system fully fulfills all known emergency and emergency situations, and in the event of a non-critical failure it will help to successfully and accidentally complete the process.

Parameter name


Number of chambers in the installation:

1 or 2

Form of the chamber

cylindrical or rectangular

Dimensions of the working area of the chamber:
- diameter, mm:
- length, mm:



Operating temperature range in the heating chamber, оС:


Heating type


Permissible mass with parts, kg


Range of heating / cooling speeds, ° C / min:


transmitted force,kH

0,1...630 or more

Number of inputs for working gases:


Available operations with working gases:

mixing, moisturizing

Minimum percentage of each gas when mixed:


Range of automatic adjustment of the flow rate of each gas, l / min:


Possibility to install additional liquid diffuser bubblers:


Possibilityto install a loading and unloading system with the possibility of shaking:


The uniformity of temperature in the working space without loading the electric furnace with automatic control of maintaining the temperature in the steady state, ° C, is not worse:


Stability of maintaining the operating temperature in the working area when controlling heating in automatic mode, ° C, no worse:



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