Competitive tender for design project of the state-of-art paver in collaboration with MADI and PO GKMP LLC

Would you like to become a scientific partner in development of road building technologies?

You are welcome to take part in development of an innovative design project for tracked paver jointly with the lead national company specialized in production of road-building machinery – NPO GKMP LLC. Be a pioneer in design engineering. 

On December 15, 2022 the MADI (Moscow State Automobile and Road Technical University) will hold the first stage of competitive tender to select innovative design projects among young specialists. 

December 23, 2022 MADI will hold the final stage of the tender among 3 key projects. Award ceremony. 

The applications and cover documents shall be provided by e-mail to with the headline “Competitivetender for the state-of-art track paver”

The application shall incorporate: 

- Data sheet of the innovative design project describing objectives and tasks of the project, design relevance, added value, possible commercialization and feasibility. 

NB! Controversy in application shall be deemed as noncompliance with the competition requirements. Please filling inn all the documents carefully. 

The applications shall be sent till October 15, 2022. 
Participationin the tender is free of charge. The application can be sent via the website (2 websites – of the university and one of company), or in Telegram group. 

Tender nomination: State-of art design of the road paver

• Case assignment is developed by the lead domestic manufacturer of road pavers in Russia and Commonwealth. This assignment is an important challenge for road construction industry, the manufacturer gives an opportunity to put to practice skills and ideas in a real product expecting creativity from participants of the project

*Case assignment will be forwarded to the participant once the application and passport for innovative design project is prepared 

Key criteria: 

• Innovation 
• Concept and feasibility 
• Originality 
• Social value 

The winners will receive financial awards as follows: 

• 1st place winner will be awarded 50000.00 RUB
• 2nd place winner will be awarded 30000.00 RUB
• 3rd place winner will be awarded 20000.00 RUB

The winner’s project will be used for development for commercialization and implementation purposes. 


NPO GKMP LLC is a Russian company specialized in scientific and research in technical and natural science. 

In 2016 the “Irmash” LLC was purchased and new road machinery product line launched. Innovative road machinery is one of the key pillars for road construction industry. That is why in 2019 in order to improve cooperation with the end user the BTD “Irmash” LLC became an exclusive dealer of the NPO GKMP LLC. Being one of the biggest Russian manufacturers the factory enhances its production capacities yearly. 

As of this moment NPO GKMP LLC is the only Russian enterprise that produces tracked and wheeled Road pavers, a lead domestic company that produces machines for patching using jet injection method, integrated road machines with three sets of removable devices (the equipment for winter maintenance of roads, for porthole patching and street washing machines) and AWD motor grader. 

The main customers of this off-the-shelf hardware are companies engaged in road construction and repair from different regions of Russia.