Having it your own way. Domestically produced road paver under test

The scope of auto transportation in our country grows rapidly; this growth requires construction of new and reconstruction of old roads with different types of bitumen-concrete coatings. Recently most of Russian road construction organizations started using tracked machines produced in Europe. By the end of 2015 Russia had not a single road paver manufacturing factory.

Nevertheless, being forced by the tough competitiveness in 2016 the management of NPO GKMP took a decision to use the former “Irmash” production capacities to restart few types of road building machinery, including wheeled and tracked road pavers.

As early as in 2017 with support of the Ministry of Trade of the Russian Federation the factory managed to bolster the manufacture of four upgraded models of the road pavers – two wheeled and two tracked ones. Moreover, NPO GKMP managed to fill the gap among companies that prefer operational simplicity and easy maintenance of domestic machines, as well as cost efficiency without impacting the quality of paved bitumen-concrete mixture.

Road pavers produced by the NPO GKMP successfully operate almost all over Russia – Central federal district, in Bashkiria, Khakassia, on Sakhalin and even in LPR.

The company continuously improves its products. In 2019 an electrical heating of levelling plates for operating screed was added to the road paverАСФ-Г-4-04; in 2022 by request of Rosavtodor and with support of the Russian Ministry of Trade the engineers of the NPO GKMP developed a new model of the tracked road paver АСФ-Г-4-05 with the paving width up to 13 meters.

Moreover, when so requested the paver can be delivered in several configuration: with gas or electric heating of levelling plates, with hydraulic screed plate enabling the paving width from 2.5 to 5 m, from 4.5 to 7 and from 6.5 to 9 m or with mechanical operating screed plate with paving width up to 13 m.

Presently this paver nominally equipped with hydraulic plate from 4.5 to 7 m with gas heating is tested in Moscow region being used for construction and reconstruction of the highway M-5 “Ural”. The machine is in line with all requirements of the current road-construction and thus ensure non-stop operation in the most complicated conditions of use. The traversing gear with balanced crawler truck enables distributes the pulling force uniformly and ensures the precise motion pattern. The design of the paver is well-conceived and easy to use; electronic control system does not require operators to be trained for a long time. The new machine incorporates the cutting-edge solutions. For example, the loading can be performed by any standard dump truck. The width of the hopper and the rotary head are developed in the way so that the truck is always under the road paver in correct position. All oil flush points are easily accessible.

Control connections on pumps enable quick detection of failures in fluidic system. When necessary to replace a component of the fluidic system, this operation can be performed easily: flexible hydraulic sleeves facilitate the dismounting. Ergonomics is one of the key conditions for efficient maintenance. Large side doors provide easy access to the crucial components. Thanks to the seats that can be slided away from the body of the machine the operator has the proper access to the working area and hopper. The steering post located in the middle of the site ensures prompt and easy relocation of the working area without disconnecting the system when the control pad has to be changed. All functions of the road paver are visible on the control panel: the plastic roof to protect from weather is equipped with the manual lifting crane and stowage mechanism.

The high-power motor unit (154 kW) along with the tracked engine, stiff operating screed with paving and vibration functions, as well as the possibility to operate any existing levelling system meet any required parameters of the paved bitumen-concrete mixture. Thanks to the fixed plate, blocked floating position of the screed, additional load or unload system even in rough conditions ensure the best result.

Test results will be the basis for decision to launch serial production of this particular road paver, as well confirm the lifetime of the machine in terms of dimensions and quality of the road pavement.

NPO GKMP produces the entire product line of road building machines. For instance, the combination vehicles for porthole patching
Р-310М operate for more than 20 years all over Russia. The jet spraying method used enables quality and efficient road patching with the bitumen-concrete mixture. Any tractor can be used as tow vehicle. Motor graders ГС-10-08 produced by NPO GKMP differ from the classic ones as they use tractors Belarus-892,2, 92П, 82.1/35 as their basis. This is exactly why they are highly maintainable and reliable.

Integrated road building machines КДМ-320 based on the dump truck KAMAZ-65115 are equipped with easily removable replacement kits of the sand and water spraying devices, and KDM-316 based on the chassis KAMAZ-65115 additionally have an opportunity to install equipment for road patching by jet spraying method.

Considering the recent sanctions, the importance of import replacement policy is growing rapidly, especially taking into account that road building machines produced by “Irmash” are mostly using components produced in Russia.

Being the only Russian manufacturer of road pavers GKMP hopes for closer attention that the biggest road building subcontractors might have towards Russian hardware. Specialists of the company are ready to meet the needs of customers and improve the design of all machines produced.