Vacuum measurement, control and adjustment instruments

Vacuum shut-off and structural devices

Vacuum shut-off and structural devices

VAT vacuum shut-off valves (Switzerland)VAT vacuum shut-off valves (Switzerland)

VAT vacuum shut-off valves are high-quality vacuum valves and closures from a leading global manufacturer in this field. Vacuum valves and gates from VAT are made in various designs, with different actuators, including special models for complex technological processes. Valves are available - angular and straight through, gates - slide, pendulum, slotted, leakage and other elements of vacuum valves.

Vacuum shut-off valves SMC (Japan)Vacuum shut-off valves SMC (Japan)

Vacuum fittings SMC (Japan) are designed for using in various technological processes, such as coating and obtaining thin-film structures, growing single crystals, electron beam welding, mass spectrometers, vacuum furnaces and equipment for solving highly specialized problems. SMC fittings are represented by a range of standard straight and angle high vacuum valves with an aluminum alloy or stainless steel body with KF, CF or ISO flanges from 16 to 160 mm. (valves have manual, electromagnetic or pneumatic control), as well as vacuum locks.

Vacuum shut-off valves CBVAC (China)Vacuum shut-off valves CBVAC (China)

CBVAC shut-off and control gate valves are suitable for both high and ultra high vacuum applications, as well as for using in low vacuum. The valves have different types of seals: copper, fluoroelastomer or rubber, various material designs, types of actuators, as well as other design features, making CBVAC valves an excellent solution for many tasks.

Vacuum structural fittings of leading Asian and European manufacturersVacuum structural fittings of leading Asian and European manufacturers

A wide range of both standard and original (on request) vacuum components is available in various designs: clamps, centering rings, gaskets, adapters, claw flanges, semi-nipples, sight glasses, bellows and other components necessary to create absolutely any vacuum system.


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