Сonveyor belt furnaces

Сonveyor belt furnaces

Сonveyor belt furnaces

Conveyor belt electric furnace - electric resistance furnace of a continuous type with a continuously or periodically moving conveyor.

The main advantage of conveyor electric furnaces is the ability to process large volumes of products in a protective or protective-reducing atmosphere. This type of furnace is perfectly suited for serial and mass production. LLC NPO GKMP produces conveyor furnaces with a direct and curved (humpback) type of channel.

Conveyor electric furnaces leaky, with a partially controlled atmosphere, continuous operation.

The main advantages of conveyor furnaces:

  • the possibility of continuous operation in several shifts;
  • processing of large batches of products in a continuous process;
  • the possibility of implementing several technological operations in one cycle;
  • simplicity in service and repair;
  • modular design.

Scope: mass production of ceramic substrates, metal recovery, sintering of the same type of products, etc.


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